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February Spiritual Development Circle

So what is a circle? A spiritual development closed circle that meets regularly to develop mediumistic and psychic abilities in a supportive environment. There will be limited numbers so only those who have booked will be allowed to attend. Dedication and discipline are important factors as well as patience and being in harmony with others. No place for big egos or wanting instant validation. Things to consider: Starting at the same time. Lateness will not be tolerated. This is like making an appointment with the Spirit world. Your spirit friends are making preparations to help your circle and they expect your dedication. Working together will quicken the spiritual growth of each of you in ways that would be hard to achieve on your own. When people work together in a circle not only do their individual spiritual energies combine but also the spirit guides and helpers from the next world add to this energy, so that the total energy available to the group becomes greater. Structure: Catchup Opening Sitting in the power Discussion Closing Cost: £7 per person. Includes teas & coffees. Please ensure you select Friends & Family if paying via PayPal to avoid the charges.
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Psychic Medium Angela Mitchell

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