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Heal and Release Unhealthy Generational Patterns w/Sarah Christine Graham

Every family holds pain, sadness, guilt, shame, and beliefs that don’t support the person you are today. Releasing these inherited patterns that are passed on generationally will free you to express and experience who you are now. Each person holds within their DNA physical and energetic remnants that have been passed down through their genetic lineage. You have certain strengths, abilities, fears, tendencies, issues that you were born with that have been passed down via your generational bloodline. Every ancestor who came before you left their body with unhealed issues—those issues continue to be played out by their next of kin, you, no matter how far down the line. Come learn how the physical, mental and emotional unhealed issues within your bloodline are affecting you today. Witness an in-person Generational Healing™ facilitated by Professional Generational Healer™, Sarah Christine Graham, and ask questions in this small, intimate gathering to learn more about how this can benefit you and your spiritual growth and personal evolution. Scientists now understand how the genetics of your ancestors affect your physical, emotional, and mental behavior and patterns. What would it mean to you to learn the source, to heal, release, let go of what no longer needs to be repeated for your own personal evolution? Releasing these inherited patterns that are passed down generationally will free you to express and experience who you are now. •Receive the gift of healing through your ancestors •Release unhealed emotional, mental and physical pains from your genetic lineage •Receive deeper awareness of how your ancestors' past experiences are inhibiting how you operate and experience yourself •Honor your ancestors' wisdom that is available for you to call upon. •Witness a live Generational ™ session. Please bring with you a journal, pen, and water to this gathering. Register at to RSVP and to learn more about Sarah Christine's other online and in-person offerings in Sedona and Scottsdale, Arizona. Those who attend this 2-hour introduction and demonstration evening will receive a $30 credit toward their own private Generational Healing™ session in Sedona or Scottsdale. Book your session online at Sarah's website to check availability or email at



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Sarah Graham

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