Root Chakra Work Shop

This one day workshop is designed to help you understand the Root Chakra and how our energy impacts our lives. The Root Chakra is an important source for us as it enables us to feel safe and grounded which are two factors we need to live life to it's fullest. In this workshop you will learn about imbalances in the root chakra energy and how blockages are created. You will be taken through a series of exercises mental and physical to help you build awareness on your individual barriers to having healthy energy. When our energy is healthy it has a direct impact on our physical health and vitality. The second part of the workshop focuses on unique meditations that support releasing unwanted energy, rebalancing and replenishing and you can take away ideas on how to keep working with your energy plus your personal work booklet/ journal and crystal to work with. You will receive a certificate of attendance that could be used towards CPD if appropriate for you. Workshops are limited to 6 people max which allows time for reflection and 1:1 support where needed. £60 If you have further questions about the course or to book your space you can contact me here or at:



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Shine Empowerment Therapies and Workshops - I provide therapies, workshops and courses based on personal empowerment for my clients. We all have difficulties through life and sometimes those difficulties can weigh us down. Finding the right support can be vital to working through in ways that are right for you!

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