I Am Grateful

The power of manifestation is becoming more and more popular and mainstream via books and blogs and everyone has their own answer and technique for how you should manifest. Perhaps you have tried these processes with no luck and feel like it just doesn’t work? However we are all different and we have to find what works for us as individuals. If you are struggling to manifest the life you want there may be a need to look at any individual blocks that you have to opening up this universal energy that is available for all. In this Workshop learn the power of Gratitude through special exercises and meditations and how this is connected to manifesting and creation process and how to identify any blocks to this. Learn how Gratitude is connected to the law of attraction and what that means for you and the life you dream of living. Explore a manifestation process that is right for you and discover what your personal blockages might be so that you can start to work with them. Light refreshments will be provided. £60per person Contact me to book



Shine Empowerment Therapies and Workshops
Shine Empowerment Therapies and Workshops - I provide therapies, workshops and courses based on personal empowerment for my clients. We all have difficulties through life and sometimes those difficulties can weigh us down. Finding the right support can be vital to working through in ways that are right for you!

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