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Exploring Twists with Zoe Knott with Zoe Knott

'Exploring Twists' With Zoe Knott Sunday 4th November 2018 10am - 4pm £45 About the day The day will be a practical one and will take a fresh approach to spinal rotation in asana (postures) We will explore the preparatory techniques necessary to prepare the spine for rotation and deepen our understanding of the areas of the spine that need to be strong and/or flexible. There will be demonstration, discussion, class work and a short lecture. About the tutor Zoe is a Diploma Course Tutor (DCT) for the British Wheel of Yoga and is also their DCT Training Officer. Over 30 years of yoga practice with many different teachers from a variety of traditions has resulted in an eclectic style of teaching that has been influenced by all those she has worked with. Her fundamental approach is to build strength as the cornerstone of practice and from there all poses become possible. Asana are broken down and analysed. Zoe looks at the muscles that need to be strong or flexible and works in detail gradually building up the components of a pose. Refreshments provided but please bring a packed lunch (either for yourself or a vegetarian lunch to share)



VISIT WEBSITE 01702 478924 (Zoe Knott)
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