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Shambhala ''Family Yoga'' Afternoon with Caitlin Maskell

Date: 13/01/2018 From: 14:00 - 16:00 Cost: family of 2 = £20 family of 3 = £30 family of 4 = £35 There will be a short break with refreshments provided. Come along for a wonderful afternoon of family yoga with our experienced teacher of children's yoga Caitlin. This workshop provides the perfect opportunity for you and your little yogis to reconnect and spend quality time together while enjoying the benefits of yoga in a fun, non-competitive way! Family yoga is designed to build communication and teamwork, while improving self-confidence, increasing flexibility and strength through yoga poses, yoga games and partner poses, and develop a sense of stillness, calm and peace through relaxation and breathing techniques. This is a great opportunity for children to learn tools to help them relax and cope with increased pressures at school. Families that play games and explore poses together are able to connect in a very special way. There is no competition; there are no comparisons between siblings and/or parents. Everyone in the family can see each other’s' strengths and weaknesses, and appreciate the beauty in these differences. Each family member feels strong in their own body and supports everyone else. Families sometimes run at high speed all day, every day. Between jobs, school and daily tasks, we sometimes don't have time even to chat to each other, let alone sit together and breathe. The amazing peaceful feeling that settles upon families after savasana (relaxation) brings a sense of calm that extends beyond the walls of the yoga studio. Sometimes yoga can be quite a serious practice with explicit instructions and deep philosophical thinking. Not so much in a family class. The yoga games, theme and energy throughout the class create a lightness and a unique opportunity to laugh with each other and at yourself. We welcome all members of the family to join us for an afternoon of family yoga, although it may be more suitable for children over the age of 4 due to the longer session but please speak to Caitlin if you have any questions.
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VISIT WEBSITE 01702 478924 (Caitlin Maskell)
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