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Loup Yoga at Alma Cafe

Alma Cafe is hosting weekly Monday morning yoga sessions for the local communtiy! Alma Cafe + Loup Yoga want to create a community around this grogeous cafe by bringing local residents together for a rejuvinating and relaxing yoga class. Louise is founder and lead yoga teacher at Loup Yoga. She will lead a 75 minute class in the cafe for only £10. The focus is on building strength and felixbility as well as a calming environment to end the class in rest and relaxtion. This is the perfect way to start off the week! The class will be accessible to all levels. Places are limited so please do book in advance. Alma Café 2-3 Rocks Lane London SW13 0DB Loup Yoga Organizer of Loup Yoga at Alma Cafe Organizer Facebook Profile loupyoga Loup yoga is an accessible and welcoming organisation that stands for health, happiness and humanity. These three pillars encompass our approach. We believe that yoga can be for anyone, anywhere, and our mission is to make this belief a reality for those we work with. We don't approach yoga only through the physical poses, although we do love to get sweaty and strong. We help you access the happiness you can foster by taking your yoga off the mat and into your daily life. Loup Yoga aims to support and encourage people to live healthily, happily and humanely. It does this through yoga, which includes the physical practice, breath work, meditation and mindful decision-making.
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VISIT WEBSITE 07972 007515 (Loup Yoga)
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