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Tantra Night New York - Monthly Event of Sensuality, Connection & Fun!

How do we have intimacy in our relationships when when we spend most of our day avoiding it (in the street, subways, elevators, etc)? Singles and couples welcome. Tantra Night - Interactive evening of sensuality, connection and fun w/ your clothes on! We live in New York City.  It’s a sexy place, but lots of people are not having great sex, or any sex for that matter!  How do we meet compatible partners?  How do we become masterful lovers?   And how do we find connection and intimacy when we spend most of our time avoiding intimacy... on the train, in crowded elevators, and even at our jobs? There is a way… and tantrikas have known the secret for thousands of years.   We invite you to a fun, interactive evening of frank conversation about modern relationships, sexuality and how to connect more fully.  And through PG-rated experiential exercises, we will explore a more joyful way to meet and relate…  all with our clothes on! We’ll focus on what you’re most interested in. Some tasty morsels on the menu include: * What is Tantra really, and why is it so often misunderstood? * How to be a better lover. * Dynamics of attraction and how to use Tantra to attract a mate. * Sensuality exercises and practices (for yourself or with a partner). * Q&A - Ask our panel of sexperts any question Q: What will I feel like after the workshop? A: You will likely feel refreshed, energized, and very connected.  You might even smile at folks on the subway and wonder why everyone looks so grim! :) Here's what others have said about Tantra Night!: + “Wonderful opportunity to connect to community and be vulnerable.” -Josh L. + “Safe, accessible and fun!” -Hannah L. + “Lauren, Guy, & Karen pack Tantra into delectable, seductive morsels of truth!!!” + “If you’re interested in Tantra, this is a great start to break the ice.” -Darin A. + “The instructors did an excellent job of helping us get past the initial awkwardness to a place of vulnerability.” + “Excellent way to open blockages and pretensions. Useful for work, family, social lives and lovers.” + “It is an exciting experience and opportunity to be vulnerable.” Early Bird (Limited): USD 40.00, General Admission: USD 50.00, Bring a Friend (Discount for 2 or more): USD 40.00, Door Sales: USD 60.00
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VISIT WEBSITE 8662594245 (The Tantra Institute of New York)
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