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3 Fundamental Practices to awaken the Inner Goddess & Increase Imtimacy

The second of our Fundamental Practfor the Modern Day Goddess. Here, we take things up a notch and really show you how to fire up that sexual energy, through tantric inspired practices. Reconnect with your inner goddess, express your femininity and experience breakthroughs not only in relationships and intimacy, but in all aspects of your life. Stop chasing perfection & start embracing and loving what you are blessed with. This workshop is NOT about looking like a goddess. This workshop will give you the 3 fundamental tools to make you feel like a real goddess. The Practices we teach you will allow you to experience your goddess nature, instantly! Bringing you back in touch with your natural, wild, feminine state. Connecting you to your sensuality and body as a Wild Woman. This isn't a workshop filled with worksheets, PowerPoint presentations or textbooks, I'll be guiding you through these practices with practical exercises and activities so you can fully experience their power immediately. Awaken your inner goddess to transform your life and breakthrough past barriers. Set around the full moon, the energies will be high. In this workshop you'll discover: Goddess Morning Ritual - 10 minute super simple practice to transform your morning into a blissful day. Wild Woman Celebration - We were born wild and free... when you remember that and reconnect with your Wild Inner Goddes, incredible transformations happen. Here we cover the 5 step practice to embrace that sexy Wild Woman. Shakti Body Moves - These simple processes will show you how to unlock the pleasure and ecstasy within. Learn the inner secret to transform your daily experiences. Tantric breathing exercises for instant energy and guided meditation for awakening the senses enabling greater pleasure. PLUS - We will be showing you a 1000 year ol practice - almost lost in the Modern Day. This technique was used by the Taoist High Priestess in ancient China to stay full of energy, full of life force and vitality. Kinda like the modern day yoga, gym and spirulina smoothies all rolled into one! Learn the tools to access your own pleasure. Pleasure is in your own hands, not that of another, so make the decision to do something for YOU and join us for our Friday evening class in Leigh on Sea. Ticket also includes Prosecco, Tea and snacks. We start with a simple yogic warm up, welcome drinks and introduction to The goddess and it's meanings. We will learn and practice those activites then discuss and answer questions ensuring you take home with you everything you need to start embracing your inner goddess. What should you bring? Just yourself, and a yoga matt or blanket to lie on. Enjoy one of the many stylish local wine bars or restaurants Leigh has to offer after the event. See website link. This is a ladies only event held the day before Full Moon. Join us on Facebook for more events, videos and support!
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