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Diploma in Crystal Healing Training

Angelic Crystal Healing are pleased to announce the next school of our Crystal and Energy Practitioner Diploma course associated with Crystal Heart School. This is a two year course which will commence on the 13 January 2018 Places are limited so early application is advised The course is applied in three parts. Introduction and Intermediate levels are taught within the first year. The second year is the Advanced level leading to the full Professional Diploma in Crystal Healing. The first year will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be able to practice as a crystal and energy therapist with clients following an assessment from the Principle of Crystal Heart School Gwyneth Robbins Cox Briefly you will study the Basic practicalities of crystal healing. To include:- how to conduct a crystal healing session with a ‘client’. Grounding, how to detect if someone is not grounded. How to choose crystals for a ‘client’ and for yourself. Crystallography work:- the structure of the Earth, how crystals are formed, crystal shapes, the chemical composition of crystals, the colour of crystals, the Mohs scale, enhanced crystals, poisonous crystals, crystal handling. You will receive a certificate at this point and will be added to the Crystal Heart Community Register The second year will be more in-depth course relating to the subtlety energy fields. Vibrational work including sound therapy. Mindfulness and communicating with clients is included. Plant energy and gem essences will be incorporated into the training. During this second year we will be spending time becoming familiar with the angelic realm and working with our spirit guides. You will leave the second year with a Diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing.
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