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Reiki level 2 £200

So Reiki has found you, and I would be extremely pleased to guide you through the Reiki process, whether you are thinking of doing just one or two levels, or complete the whole course through to Reiki Master Teacher. The second degree focuses on healing at the mental and emotional level; it heals past lives, addictions and negative thinking patterns. Distance healing is learned so you no longer need to be with someone to heal them. Three of the five symbols are learned and given in this attunement. At this level you can charge for your treatments.Reiki level 2 (2 days) 15 January 2018 (9.30-2.30) 8 February 2018 (9.30-2.30) You need to have Level 1 to complete this course.
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Source Energy
Source Energy - I am a connected being, connected to the higher intellect, the Source Energy, I recognise the signs and am able to put the pieces together. I follow my intuition and go where ever it takes me. I trust in my connection more than anything or anybody. I have devoted my life to the Source Energy and am dedicated to the work we do together. I live as one with the land and sea, their incredible energy completes my being and gives me the strength and passion to continue my work.

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