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Baby massage practitioner diploma £487.50

This course is ideal for anyone working with parents and babies, Health visitors, Children Centre workers or those wanting to run their own business. I would be delighted to guide you through the practical side of Baby Massage, and raise an awareness of positive attachment and give you the skills to recognise when something is wrong. You do not need to be qualified in anatomy and physiology, to complete this course. A basic anatomy of the baby is included to give you some understanding of the baby and how it develops. If you think you would enjoy learning such a beneficial and relaxing therapy I would be honoured to share your journey of development into the healing world of touch. It is truly an amazing field to work in. Baby Massage Practitioner Diploma (3.5 days) 8 January 2018 (9-3) 9 January 2018 (9-3) 5 February 2018 (9-3) 6 February (9-12) 3.5 days £487.50 No qualifications required, however four baby massage sessions must be completed.
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Source Energy
Source Energy - I am a connected being, connected to the higher intellect, the Source Energy, I recognise the signs and am able to put the pieces together. I follow my intuition and go where ever it takes me. I trust in my connection more than anything or anybody. I have devoted my life to the Source Energy and am dedicated to the work we do together. I live as one with the land and sea, their incredible energy completes my being and gives me the strength and passion to continue my work.

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