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Special film screening of Embrace £15

The Winter gardens and I are contributing to a positive global change by inspiring the next generation to love their bodies and put an end to the body dissatisfaction epidemic. How? By hosting a screening of Embrace, a documentary that explores the serious issue of body image. Join us in creating a positive change for everyone. Embrace uncovers why poor body image has become so global and what we can do to end this war with our bodies. The event begins at 3pm in The Deco balcony room, Winter Gardens, Ventnor, you are invited to browse the health and wellbeing boutique. At 7pm the doors to the auditorium open and the evening will begin with inspirational speakers, the screening will commence at 8pm and at 9.30pm you will need to EMBRACE yourself for a glittering grand finale raffle draw! You are invited to join the after party with DJ KafTan in the bar with music, dancing and cocktails until late! Each ticket includes all of the above. Be sure to book your tickets by following the link or visiting the shop at
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Source Energy
Source Energy - I am a connected being, connected to the higher intellect, the Source Energy, I recognise the signs and am able to put the pieces together. I follow my intuition and go where ever it takes me. I trust in my connection more than anything or anybody. I have devoted my life to the Source Energy and am dedicated to the work we do together. I live as one with the land and sea, their incredible energy completes my being and gives me the strength and passion to continue my work.

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