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Holistic Hypnotherapy Certification Course (Foundation Level)

The Centre for Life approach to hypnotherapy training focuses on the ‘whole person’, that is the physical, emotional and spiritual attributes along with the person as an energetic entity. We would like to welcome you to The Centre for Life and the Holistic Hypnotherapy Certification Training (Foundation Level). As one of the trainers of this exciting and life-transforming course I am absolutely passionate about hypnotherapy as a non-invasive and extremely effective holistic healing modality for everyone. This course offers the freedom to experience first-hand personal transformations that you can then relay to your future clients. Hypnotherapy can be used in conjunction with and as a part of so many other holistic therapies from current and past life regression to future life progression, inner child sessions, parts therapy and cord therapy. It really is the foundation, the basis for enhancing existing skills and building new layers of knowledge around pre-existing qualifications and modalities. The Holistic Hypnotherapy Training offered by The Centre for Life has been assessed and accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Graduates from this course are eligible for registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency), together with the acquisition of the industry-based award – the General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP). The certification training covers the foundations for using hypnosis with a range of clients. The course includes more than 200 hours of private study and tutor led practical and experiential sessions and is suitable for both students who are already working as complimentary therapists and those with no prior knowledge of hypnosis or any other complementary therapies. • 50+ hours pre-course reading, preparation and theory papers. • 40 hours of tutor led time with practical and experiential learning; Interactive discussions and lectures, live demonstrations, experiential pair and triad work, the experience of a whole session with a client. • 50+ hours of tutor supervised case studies with volunteer clients; including overall session preparation, delivery and reflection. • 60+ hours of post course reading, study, self-hypnosis, the recording and submission of a professionally created hypnosis recording and a post course theory paper along with a 12 month business plan. Pre Course Reading There are two books that need to be read prior to the course, they are ‘Hypnosis for Change’ by Josie Hadley and Carol Staudacher and ‘Essentials of Hypnosis’ by Michael Yapko. You will also be sent a theory question paper once you are accepted on the course which must be completed prior to the course and brought along to be assessed on the first day. Expectations This course is accredited by the ‘General Hypnotherapy Standards Council’ and enables students to work professionally with a range of clients with insurance. Graduates may join the GHR and CNHC once they have successfully completed the four day training workshop and worked through all requirements and received their certificate of completion. • Complete all written and reading assignments. • Produce a self-hypnosis recording and a 12 month business plan. • Work with five clients having multiple sessions under tutor supervision. Produce and evaluate written summaries of these case studies showing methodology, reduction in measurable symptoms and personal learning’s. What this course covers • History of hypnosis, pioneers of hypnosis and pioneers timeline. • What is hypnosis? Conscious vs. subconscious mind. • The occurrence of physiological changes including the ten physical symptoms of trance. • Exploring the brain. Brain waves by type, their state of consciousness and what they look like. • Exploring the seven commonly experienced signs of hypnotic phenomena. • Who can be hypnotised? How does hypnosis work? What does hypnosis feel like? And what can hypnosis be used for? • The four common prerequisites to achieving hypnotic trance. • Trance depth assessment and depth assessment scales. • Ideomotor signalling and depth of hypnosis scale using ideomotor response. • Contra Indicators and when to withhold treatment. • The seven steps in a typical hypnosis session. • Client interview procedure including rapport, nonverbal cues, questioning your client and setting expectations and the confidential client questionnaire. • Working with your client to set objectives, collect measurable symptoms and using pre, post and current interview tick sheets. • Learning styles and different channels to learning. • The induction process including exploring ten different induction principals. • The formal induction and induction techniques. • Awakening and grounding your client. • Guided visualisation and stairs deepener along with overload deepener for analytical clients. • Hypno therapeutic suggestions including PREM • Types of suggestion – Direct, indirect, presuppositions



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Life Cycle Therapies
Life Cycle Therapies - My name is Trace Robins.  I was born in Melbourne, Australia and am privileged to have travelled widely and now call Manchester, England home.  I enjoy life fully, finding joy and passion in many things. From a young age I realised that I can see, feel and converse with spirits.  For a long time this scared me and I struggled for many years, until I joined a meditation circle.  Here I met people with similar interests and learned that there are many outlets for the psychically aware.  I had my first Past Life experience with this group and was forever hooked, immediately seeing its potential to release, transform and heal current life issues. I draw upon a mixture of Hypnotherapy, Current and Past Life Regression Therapy, NLP, Life between Lives and general counseling during sessions with my clients.  I am a practising Wiccan, and have been utilising spell craft and ritual techniques for many years and really enjoy sharing these beautiful learning’s with both friends and clients.  I passionately advocate ‘living in the now’; understanding that what went before can enable you to do   this.  I give my clients the tools to achieve their own sense of well-being, inner peace and balance; helping them to unlock their potential.  We all have this ability. Professional development and personal growth govern my life.  Everyone we meet has something to offer or show us, although we may not like or appreciate it at the time.  I am always learning.  I attend seminars and events to improve my skills and delve regularly into an endless list of reading materials that is as challenging as it is enlightening. Each of us has the innate ability to self heal.  Whether on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, all healing comes from within.  Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy are amazing tools that can facilitate this healing and ultimately transform your life.  I am a great believer in the fact that we don’t always get what we want, but we always get what we need. I would relish the chance to help you on your journey, assisting in a way that is right for you. “You can’t go back to the start and make a new beginning, but you can start from now and make a new end.”  (Anon)

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