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Experience Remarkable Yogic Powers in NYC! (FREE EVENT)

A FREE ONE-DAY EVENT where you can witness the demonstration of remarkable yogic powers right in NYC. Yogic powers used to be a daily reality for ancient Vedic (Hindu) civilizations, and now the ancient science behind them is being revived for the benefit of humanity. Imagine what life would be like if you could manifest whatever you want? If you could heal your body on command when it’s feeling sick? If you could cut your study time in half because you know the material just by looking at it? If your “intuition” wasn’t just a nagging hunch, but an innate intelligence leading you to take the best relationship, business, and career decisions? The truth is, you’re capable of all that — and more. How? By awakening the third eye, the center of superconscious energy responsible for manifesting extraordinary powers. On October 15th, 11 child saints initiated into third eye awakening will give LIVE demos of these powers, like: Blind-fold reading Body scanning Remote viewing Materialization Akashic record reading New York is one of the first stops on their World Tour, and it’s completely free of cost to attend. This FREE one-day event is part of a multi-city World Tour to demonstrate the powers of the third eye. So don’t miss the opportunity to see something extraordinary — while experiencing a breakthrough yourself! Space is limited...Register NOW! Paramahamsa Nithyananda This event is a gift given to the world by Paramahamsa Nithyananda (whom devotees call ""Swamiji""), a living Avatar, an Incarnation of the divine. He is reviving ancient Hindu sciences and reawakening humanity to its true nature — which is divinity itself!



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