MINDFUL LIVING: Less Stress, More Joy

It's an open secret that our 24/7 lives, with their nonstop demands and expectations, are not sustainable. We juggle work, family, and self, trying to get ahead of the curve, to give more and respond faster-but it's not working. We’re burning out, numbing out, and tuning out, struggling with health issues and relationships, lost in our screens, and unable to find the off switch. Today is about: Turning down the anxiety of constantly needing to perform and do more. Gaining more control over the pace of your life Turning up the volume on the things that matter to you. Dropping the habit of overriding your inner voice Cultivating positive states of mind Seeing how life's externals shift when you focus on your own well-being. Join a stellar lineup of teachers-women with decades of experience living in the question of how we thrive in everyday life. Learn simple ways you can reduce stress and connect with enhanced inner peace and joy right in the midst of your busy life. Today focuses on the touchstones of daily life-how we eat and dress, and how we move and feel in our bodies-offering real, practical, effective approaches for creating sustainable new possibilities in how we live and work. Price: Tickets: USD 295 Artists / Speakers: Shauna Shapiro, Colleen Saidman Yee Category: Religion, Spirituality, Meditation and Yoga Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm



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