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Women's Wisdom & Healing Circle Women's circles are ancient in their origin with many aims including bonding, sharing energy, and creating ritual. Open to all women we create a supportive environment to actively nurture who you truly are. As women gathered together we connect to something bigger than ourselves, something that is deeply familiar, yet a distant memory. An intricately woven web of inner treasures await us when we connect to share our voices, our food, our company, our healing, our wisdom, and our hearts. We celebrate the changing energy of the seasons and the cyclical nature of the earth with the festivals of The Wheel of The Year. As women, we too are cyclical, our energy connects and flows with the active, bright and outward focusing Sun during Spring and Summer, the inner reflective and intuitive Moon during Autumn and Winter and with Gaia our rooted, and sensuous Mother Earth throughout the year as we sow our seeds for growth and release that which is no longer necessary in our lives.There are cycles within cycles as we flow monthly with the moon and yearly with the sun. The wheel of the year is also the journey of the goddess from the Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone as we meet her within and celebrate our cyclical journey. The day is supportive and nurturing. Meditation, ritual, creativity, healing, connecting, sharing, laughter and tears, having fun, gaining insight, awareness, personal and spiritual growth in a safe and non judgemental environment is what these circles are all about.We have a creative aspect to the day and the idea is not to create something perfect but to enjoy the creative process. For this circle we will be creating a beautiful and personal essential oil blend for you to take home. Come and join us for a beautiful day!
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