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East Anglia UFO Conference

Sun 2 July 2017 10:00 – 17:30 BST £16.52 – £27.14 A day of exploration into this fascinating phenomenon. Suitable for both beginners to serious researchers. The EAUFO group covers UFO sightings in the eastern region of the UK, and documents the extraordinary experiences had by people that have witnessed UFOs or alien visitors in the eastern region. The group is a safe pair of hands to leave your experience, without the fear of ridicule.  We have provided our collection of sightings that have taken place on our website, We hope that this will be an excellent source for researchers to use in their quest for information. In addition, we aim to work together with other groups and researchers in an attempt to force the government's hands to disclose all of the knowledge they have on both the alien/UFO question and free (or zero points) energy based technology. The release of this information would make such a difference to mankind in both worldwide living standards and a massive reduction in pollutants around the planet. We invite you to take a good look around our website. We have a vast collection of quotes from credible sources such as astronauts and high ranking military personnel regarding the UFO phenomenon and our ”Free Energy” page provides a good introduction to a directly related topic. There is an events page where you can see some of the upcoming events around the country relating to UFOs and other alternative information. We also have a large collection of links where you can find further information on a range of subjects.
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VISIT WEBSITE [email protected] (East Anglia UFO Group )

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