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Location of a Spiritual Retreat of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

For aeons, mountains have been regarded as places of spiritual significance – whether because of their proximity to the heavens, their natural beauty, or simply their awe-inspiring magnitude. The refuge of hermits, ascetics, yogis and mystics of all kinds – and places of pilgrimage for the faithful seeking spiritual calm away from their turbulent city lives. What is seldom appreciated, however, is that there are certain holy mountains around the world which actually inhabited by Ascended Masters which comprise the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. On Earth we reincarnate through countless lifetimes in order to learn lessons and evolve spiritually. At some point we will all master the cycle of reincarnation and we then have a choice – to move on to a new cycle of experience on a more advanced planet, or to remain on Earth as an Ascended Master in order to help the rest of humanity. Becoming an Ascended Master is the highest stage of evolution we can attain on Earth and these incredibly advanced beings work tirelessly to help humanity. Without them our world would be a very different place to say the least. Despite their significance they are not well known. There are many erroneous claims of connections with Ascended Masters but amongst these some genuine contacts stand out. The Great White Brotherhood, also known as “The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth” is the most advanced mystical order on Earth. It consists of Ascended Masters – and certain other very advanced individuals – who work, largely behind the scenes, to help uplift and protect humanity. They are both male and female, and of numerous different ethnicities – the terms “white” and “brotherhood” having nothing to do with either race or gender. Why Ascended Masters don’t walk openly among us? Due to the karmic pattern of humankind as a whole, the Ascended Masters are not, by Divine Law, allowed to walk openly among us. We are not yet advanced enough to deserve this – and the world as a whole would not handle such a situation correctly. These beings deserve the utmost reverence and love, and should be treated virtually as Gods, whose every teaching should be obeyed to the letter without question. Were they to walk among us and be ridiculed, ignored or even attacked – this would simply make our karma even worse.
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