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Mount Wakefield - A New Age Power Cente

For aeons, mountains have been regarded as places of spiritual significance – whether because of their proximity to the heavens, their natural beauty, or simply their awe-inspiring magnitude. The refuge of hermits, ascetics, yogis and mystics of all kinds – and places of pilgrimage for the faithful seeking spiritual calm away from their turbulent city lives. What is seldom appreciated, however, is that there are certain holy mountains around the world which actually contain tangible sacred power – which can be harnessed and sent out through prayer, mantra and other holy rituals. According to the Aetherius Society there are 19 Holy Mountains around the world that were charged as part of a Cosmic Mission called Operation Starlight. Their late Founder/President Dr. George King was a rather unique individual in that he was a western Master of Yoga capable of the same metaphysical feats as described by writers of certain eastern yogis. One of these feats included the ability to telepathically contact advanced Intelligences from other Planets - mainly Mars and Venus - and it was upon their inspiration that the Aetherius Society developed as one of the most interesting metaphysical organisations still going strong since it's inception back in 1955. Upon instruction from higher Intelligences Dr. King performed Operation Starlight and was instrumental in charging 18 of these Holy Mountains with Cosmic Forces making these forever Holy. Mount Wakefield was charged by Master Jesus on December 24th, 1960. As a result we have a mighty Cosmic Battery - a New Age Centre - which enables anyone to send out Spiritual Energies of a high vibratory nature to anything, and anyone, in need of Spiritual Energy. The pilgrim can send out the same energy equivalent, from these Mountains, that an Adept, capable of the initial states of Samadhi, could send out in the past! Please contact the Aetherius Society for dates of future pilgrimages or further information about these 19 Holy Jewels in the body of Mother Earth. The most potent practice to perform on this Mountain is The Twelve Blessings as given by the Master Jesus - but one can also use your own prayers, mantra or visualisations to send out healing to a world that desperately needs it. Please be aware that the conditions on these mountains can be quite severe at times and it's advised to contact local authorities and/or the Aetherius Society for further guidance, best times to climb, equipment needed and so forth. On December 24th, 1960 The Master Jesus delivered a Message through Dr. George King to the World: ''OH MY SON, YOU HAVE DONE WELL. THE LAND CAN NOW REJOICE FOR THIS PLACE IS CONSECRATED WITH MY BLESSING. I SAY NOW THAT THE POWER CAN BE SENT INTO THE HEARTS OF ALL MEN. AS FIRE CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT FUEL, NEITHER CAN THE FLAME OF LOVE WITHIN THE HEART OF MAN LIVE WITHOUT EXPRESSION. TRUE EXPRESSION IS SERVICE AND SERVICE IS DONATION THROUGH UNSELFISH EFFORT. BID THE PILGRIMS TO COME HITHER AND SEND THIS, MY POWER, UNTO MANKIND THROUGH PRAYER, SO THAT HE MAY BECOME WISE ENOUGH TO ALLOW HIS HIGHEST ATTRIBUTE, THAT OF LOVE'S EXPRESSION, TO MANIFEST AS UNSELFISH SERVICE.''
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VISIT WEBSITE 09 418 1170 (New Zealand Branch of the Aetherius Society)

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