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Wale's Most Spectacularly Situated Castle: Carreg Cennen

Castle Carreg Cennen can be found towering over the village of Trapp in the Welsh county of Carmarthenshire. Situated on a massive outcrop of limestone it is the quintessential image of a ruined and mythical welsh fortress. Archaeological finds suggest it may have been occupied as a defensive site as early as the late iron age. On a clear day the views of, and from, Carreg Cennen are spectacular. A passage leads from the castle to a large natural cavern deep within the rock in which there is a natural spring that could provide drinking water if the fortress was besieged - which it was on several occasions. The spring in the cave is said to have the power grant wishes. The origins and purpose of the cave remain something of a mystery. Carreg Cennen Castle has had a turbulent history and seen many conflicts from the Norman conquest of Wales to the War of the Roses. It was finally destroyed by Yorkist forces around 1461. During the 1960s the Morris family of Castell Farm acquired the farm as a result of a legal error on the part of the previous owner, Lord Cawdor. Adult - £3.60, Concession - £3.25, Family - £10.50 Entry is free for Welsh residents aged 60 and over or 16 and under who have a valid pass. The Castle, Tea Rooms and Craft Shop are open 364 days a year, yes that's right we only have Christmas Day off!
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