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About Vinny

Soul-Realignment is an Empowering, Informative, Soul-Level Restoration and Therapeutic Reading All in One.

I love these readings, after I channel your information, together we get to delve into your Energy Centres and find out who you are at Soul-Level.
We discuss how you're already using your strengths in your life and how you can start to bring more of what resonates with who you really are into your career, personal life and relationships.

We struggle sometimes to understand why we can't move forward in certain aspects of our lives, why we feel restricted and not able to tune into our true selves, why we keep ourselves in the same loop over and over again, these in depth readings will answer some of those questions for you and we will discuss how you can start to create new results.

I also look into any Past-Life & Present-Life Blocks & Restrictions that are causing you issues now and we discuss how to overcome these to manifest more of the energy you want to create.
I also offer Energy Clearing work as part of these readings, to help set you up
for your new choices and fulfilled life.

The channelling & preparation for these readings takes between 2-3 days and the interactive session lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 mins.

I am available for follow up appointments when needed but your Soul Level information never changes so this is a once in a lifetime reading, you will not need to keep coming back, although clients do like to return to discuss how to use their Soul Level information to achieve new goals in their lives.

Please visit the website for loads more information and feel free to subscribe and like my Facebook Page.

VISIT WEBSITE 07713991446
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