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Tarot Cards Reading Free - Daily Tarot & Yes or No

Tarot Life is a free Tarot cards reading app that features different Tarot readings. Some of these features include free Tarot card readings like career, finance and love reading, Tarot spreads, Yes or No Tarot Card, Success 2020 and Numerology reading.

With a small in-app purchase you can ask your question from a Tarot expert, get your Birth Chart, Love Compatibility, Timeline & Life Report, Birthday Spread and Success 2020.

✨What’s Unique about this Tarot Card Reading App?

•Different Love, Career and Finance Tarot card readings
• Free Numerology insights.
•Consultation with a Tarot Cards Expert with in-app purchase.
•Astrology insights with in-app purchase.
•Spin to Win offers on a daily basis.

✨Special Highlights of this Free Tarot cards Reading App

✨Tarot Insights for Daily Guidance

🎴Yes or No Tarot - Get direct answers to your questions with free Yes or No Tarot card readings.
❤Love Tarot Reading - Love insights with free love card reading and True Love Spread.
🎓Career Tarot Reading - Career solutions with free career tarot card reading and Career Path Spread.
💰Finance Tarot Reading - Resolve money concerns with Free finance reading and Success Spread.
🔥Card of the day - Get everyday love, career & money insights with free Tarot card of the day.
🔮Daily Tarot - Find what the day holds for you with Daily Tarot card reading free.
🎂Birth Tarot - Discover your Birth Tarot cards and know how they affect your life.
📙Unique Tarot readings - One of a kind 3 cards free Tarot spreads.
•What I Think-Feel-Do - Get clarity on how you think, feel and your actions with 3 cards reading.
•You-Your Potential-Your Path - Discover your personality, potential and life path with 3 cards reading.
•Situation-Outcome-Action - Helps you understand your current scenario, what you can do about it, and the outcome with 3 cards reading.
👴Ask an Expert - With a small in-app purchase, ask your life concerns directly from a Tarot card reading expert.
👑Birthday Spread - With a small in-app purchase, get your special 5-cards Birthday report to discover what lies ahead for you in the coming year.
✌Success 2020 - Ask our experts to find how to fulfill your 2020 resolution with “Numero-Tarot card guide”, with in-app purchase. Set your yearly resolution with Tarot cards for free.

✨Astrology Reports based on Birth Chart Calculator

🔯Birth Chart Report - With Birth chart calculator, know your future with detailed Horoscopes following in-app purchase.
💫Timeline Report - Detailed horoscopes on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis with in-app purchase.
💕Love Compatibility Report - A paid feature that gives you a detailed love compatibility report.
Life Report- With a small in-app purchase, you can now find about your personality, life aspects, golden period, numerology readings and auspicious combinations in the Natal chart.

✨Know Yourself with Numerology Readings
Get Free Numerology insights to discover the unknown about yourself.

You can now purchase an ad-free version of this Tarot card reading app for an uninterrupted reading experience, through a small in-app purchase.

This fascinating app brings together different aspects of divinity with Tarot cards reading & Astrology to help you always stay ahead in life.

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