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Manya Welch

About Manya Welch

Creatively expressing whispers of the the soul through intuitive mandala inspired art for insight,healing and meditation

Do you wake up in the morning with a mental to do list?

Is your mind racing to the next task at hand?

Do you struggle to quieten your mind and therefore balance the mind, body and spirit?

Did you know we have between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day!!

It's easy to understand why it's hard to quieten those thoughts!

Create your own sacred space and fill it with beautiful meditative art to create feelings of inner peace and inspiration.

Imagine having that focal point that draws your gaze and helps to quieten your mind. A reminder to take a step back, breathe, listen and connect to the light within. The place where answers reside, that inner wisdom, your intuition.

Hi! My name is Manya and I'm a mandala inspired artist.

Everything I do comes from a deep connection to the universe and the light within us all.

I believe in humanity and the power of unconditional love, it is a belief that for great changes to be made externally we must go within to find the light that connects us to the universe and each other.

I create mandala inspired art that expresses this internal connection to the universe that whispers the messages of the soul to bring insight balance and connection to the forefront of your daily life.

Take time to quieten your mind to go within and connect to the source of all things by creating a beautiful sacred space filled with mandala inspired art for insight, healing and meditation.

Connect with me to purchase or discuss your commission.
[email protected]

VISIT WEBSITE 07931327972
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