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Inner Wisdom Wellbeing

About Inner Wisdom Wellbeing

Holistic Therapist. Teacher & Coach

I'm Jenny Wedgbury.
You have definitely come to the right place if you have a deep inner feeling inside you that there is something bigger out there...

Well, there is. ❤

My own journey into the holistic/spiritual world started in 2005—one of many dark moments. Miserable and desperately unhappy, a broken marriage, and a newborn baby.
Growing up never felt particularly easy. I experienced deaths and illnesses from an early age. I hated school and often felt like I just didn't fit in.
I attracted many toxic friendships and relationships, often people-pleasing and always being too scared to speak my truth.

Life often seemed very hard and challenging for me. I was used to feeling like a victim, running from life. My escape was often to drink myself into oblivion through a party lifestyle, not really caring about my future.
Like many spiritual people I have met, it's only when we really hit rock bottom that we can finally see the light!!
I had hit rock bottom!!!! Something needed to change. I had to realise no Prince Charming was coming to save me!!! The only one who was going to save me was me!!!
I went from the lowest ebb of my life to currently being in the perfect marriage, owning my own home, and driving my dream car, along with owning a successful therapy centre.
Life can really bring you down at times. It can seem impossible to recover from it.
We can lose our love for life, but more importantly, we often lose our love for ourselves!

I know how it feels to lose yourself completely.
To stand in front of the mirror and no longer recognise the reflection staring back at you.

Have you come to this page today for a reason?

Do you have a feeling that something bigger is out there? You're just not quite sure what it is yet?

Ask yourself this. Do you want to;

Find out who you are and what your life purpose is?
Heal past wounds?
Manifest the life you actually want?
Lead a more peaceful life?
Live a more balanced, healthy lifestyle?
Feel ready to get a step into your power?
Move into your next chapter?

If the answer is "YES please click on my website -



VISIT WEBSITE 01213690587

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Tue, 9 February 21 : 14:02 : London GB
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Inner Wisdom Wellbeing

Hi, I'm Jennifer Wedgbury owner of Inner Wisdom Wellbeing. I offer a wide range of Holistic Therapies; Chakra Rebalance Reiki Usui Angelic Reiki Violet Flame Counselling NLP Massage Aromatherapy Healing Holistic Coaching Meditation Mindfulness Lymphatic Drainage Pregnancy Massage Reflexology Holistic Facials Organic Health Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Workshops and training. Law of attraction. Goddess Training. I'am here to support your mental, emotio ...

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