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About Carmen

CARMEN is a Member of the International Association Of Holistic Medicine , a Reiki Grandmaster, Dragon Energy Practitioner - Teacher , Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner , certified International Tarot and Oracle Card Reader /teacher ,Past Life Regression Therapist , Hypnotherapist, Life and Relationship Coach ,Published author.

Im a life long psychic empathI have experienced many strange events during my life. The most memorable of these was many years ago when I was working as a kindergarten teacher. I had a favourite boy and this day he din't come to school. I never normally walked past where he lived going home but something made me do this on that day.
When I arrived at the apartment block he lived in on the 7th floor, I saw him fall from the window 7 floors above the ground, unable to move or take in what was happening I froze and watched not believing what I was witnessing. He just seemed to stop about 18 inches from the ground and was set down delicately the parents and others screaming soon appeared from the building. The boy had not one mark or bruise on him completely unhurt, the mother insisted on him going to hospital but nothing was wrong with him.
Just a few years ago completing a guided meditation connecting with your guardian angel, I saw this scene again, this time I saw the earth Angel catch the boy set him down and walk away.
Anyway now I live in England with my Husband Michael between us we run Earths Energies a small holistic business IPHM accredited training provider,

EARTHS ENERGIES has been founded in 2018 by Carmen and Michael Bisiker as we discovered our life purpose was to HELP others on their journey through this life. Our MISSION AND AIM is to help people to reach their full potential in every aspect of life , to live their lives full of balance and purpose, uninhibited by limiting energies.

Earth Energies are offering:
-Chakra/Aura Cleansing and Balancing & Removal of Energy Blocks
-Chakra Readings
- Reiki in person or remotely & Animal Reiki
-Crystal healings ( in person only)
-Crystal readings ( email/video chat/audio recording/phone)
-Intuitive Energy Healings ( in person/remotely/video chat)
-Tarot /Oracle card readings ( in person/email/video chat/audio recordings/phone)
-Psychic Readings (in person/video chat/audio recordings/phone)
_ Psychic events tailored to your needs ( tarot/healings/psychic readings)
- Numerology personalised chart ( via email/video chat)
-Past Life Regression ( in person/ video chat)
-Hypnotherapy( in person, video chat)
-Life Coaching ( in person, video chat/phone)
-Relationship Coaching ( in person/video chat/phone)
-Workshops and mentorship ( Tarot, Energy Healings- in person/video chat)

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