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About Carl

Past Life Regressionist

I have been practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy for 20+ Years. My experience pushed me towards PLR work. I'm a published author and trainer in various therapeutic modalities. There are a few PLR Hypnosis recordings available on my website.

I work with individuals or groups in person or Worldwide via Zoom. I offer talks/workshops & demonstrations on the amazing subject of PLR.

I belong to the Hypnotherapy Association and CNHC. Fully Insured to practice all forms of Hypnotherapy.

VISIT WEBSITE 07928417361
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Past Life Regression

Group dedicated to the amazing subject of past life regression. We truly are on a personal journey of learning and forgiving... The ideal is to bring like-hearted people together, not like-minded... It's all about the heart! The focus is to offer many people and groups the opportunity to connect with their soul. This is a real life-changing experience...

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