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shamanic Practice with Stacy Keast

Birchwood View, Gainsborough, United Kingdom


Shamanism / Paganism

Shamanism is ancient and deep it is connected to ALL things. you are connected to the moon, stars, the earth, elements, plants, spirit of all things and all the other realms. we walk with one foot firmly in our physical world and the other in all realms. we walk in time and space and understand the balance of light with the dark and visa virsa. And with this in mind we are able to work and connect to aid healing for self, other, planets, land, animals and plants. there is nothing shamanism can not help you with.
In this group we will be working in all areas, part of a community that wants to feel more connected to our self and our mother earth. we will learn and practice healing form kindness and compassion in all areas of working in shamanic form.
It is a place to feel you can be yourself and to claim stand in your own power if self. Come along and be part of this group and walk the realms in the shoes of a shamanic practitioner .
we meet every Tuesday evening in a healing hut in a garden. we work on many things but always in the shamanic vibration. please join us, 7pm-9pm
shamanic drumming, journeying, teas and chocolate with a supportive group like family. all abilities welcome to join for £5pp

VISIT WEBSITE 07917115164
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