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Sardinia Spiritual & Wellness Retreat

Calasetta, South Sardinia, Italy



Are you a sensitive, empathetic person? Do you feel your intuition is strong but you don’t listen to it?
Have you always had an interest in the mind-body-soul experience but haven’t had time to explore? then my Soul Shifts Spiritual Retreat in Sardinia Italy is for you!

You will release old beliefs, mental and emotional wounds that no longer serve blocking financial abundance and romantic relationships, develop and trust your psychic intuition, connect to your higher self and spirit guides. You will have a new understanding of self, forge new friendships with like minded ladies in an intimate environment which will be heartfelt, enjoyable and fun with tarot cards, crystals and much more.
You will return home relaxed, revitalised and transformed with a new awareness, knowing your worth and that you are spiritually supported in all that you do.
You will be staying in a beautiful eco friendly, family run hotel in a stunning rural setting by the beach, able to go swimming and sailing in the turquoise sea, take excursions to other parts of the island or just laze around the pool. Workshops will be held every morning on the terrace.

Limited spaces selling fast, 30% deposit
Don’t miss out!

Sun, sea adventure! You may surprise yourself with what happens next but you will only ever know by taking that step...BOOK NOW!

Day 1. Learning about the aura, chakras, energy and crystals with guided meditation
Day 2. Spirit guides meditation and tarot readings.
Day 3. Crystal guided meditation, psychometry (objects) readings.
Day 4. Past life regression bringing back positive qualities, psychic creative writing.
Day 5. Guided meditation your power animals, psychic drawing, psychic messages.
Day 6. Healing the inner child, old emotional beliefs & releasing money/abundance blocks
DAY 7. Learning from and healing romantic relationships, romance tarot readings, spiritual mediumship

VISIT WEBSITE 07811064604
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Sardinia Spiritual & Wellness Retreat

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