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Gino Medium and Channel

Beech Tree Crescent, Blaina, Abertillery, UK


Mediumship / Psychic

Gino is a medium, channel and artist and have been on a spiritual journey from a very early age. Throughout his childhood he always felt a strong connection to Spirit and endeavoured to search for his spiritual path. From a very young age he felt that there was something more than just this physical life, and that there was something more powerful and divine beyond the world we can see and touch. During his search for deeper meaning, self-exploration and with guidance from the Spirit world, he has developed a passion for assisting others in awakening to the realisation that there is no death only eternal life. His daily practice and connection with Spirit permits him to live a fuller life as a spiritual artist, and his work as a medium and channel allows him to manifest art pieces using celestial energies brought to him by Spirit. He strongly believes that all people should live their lives in complete freedom and peace, and that this can be achieved by connecting to the same Source Energy that has inspired him to follow his own spiritual journey.

During a sitting Gino will allow Spirit to make a connection and pass on any messages to you. It is important to note that nothing “bad” or “scary” will happen during a sitting, infact, people often feel a great sense of comfort and peace which comes from the love Spirit have for us.
You may also receive information to prove that Spirit have been around you and are aware of your current situation, plans or concerns. Or, you may also receive a message of encouragement or guidance. Often the messages relayed will be from loved ones who have passed over to the other side and wish to communicate with you. On occasion, your Spirit Guides may come through to pass messages of support and guidance. During these sessions Gino may channel “Kayto’ his guides and teachers who will offer advice and guidance. It is recommended that before a session you should think of three questions that you would like to ask Spirit and bring them to the session. Before a session you should think about why you want to come and if there is a particular being in the Spirit world that you would like to commune with. If so, you should call out to them for several days before the sitting requesting them to commune with you. More likely than not, the Spirit that comes through is often the one that has guided you to arrange the session in the first place. Sessions are not about fortune telling, making decisions for you or telling you what to do. It is your life and you have your own free will to make any choices you want.

Gino offers one-to-one sessions where you will be given specific guidance for your Spiritual development through meditation and channeled information. These bespoke training sessions are for anyone hoping to grow spiritually and wishing to develop their mediumship and channelling skills. During the sessions Gino channels “Kayto”, his non-physical guides and teachers, who will give specific guidance to help you on your spiritual journey. You will learn how to connect with your own Spirit guides and teachers through channelled Spirit guided meditations and over time you will be able to have direct contact with your own Spirit guides and teachers. For anyone on a Spiritual path it is important to remove those inner beliefs that prevent connection with Spirit and, during these sessions, with the help of your guides and channelled teachings from “Kayto”, the aim will be to set you free from those limiting beliefs and allow you to make conscious communication with Spirit. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey these coaching sessions will assist you in developing your connection with Spirit. These bespoke sessions are guided by Spirit and designed especially for you. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey these coaching sessions will assist you in developing your connection with Spirit. These bespoke sessions are guided by Spirit and designed especially for you

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