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Clairvoyance and Healing Online Workshop Online

Clairvoyance and Healing Online Workshop Online
If you feel that you have a good intuition, clairvoyance or healing abilities but don’t know how to develop them, experienced lucid dreams or simply feel the need to learn we would love to invite you for our Clairvoyance and Healing Online Workshop. The workshop will be performed by Artur Sierocki and you can take part of it by login to our webinar from the comfort of your home. Artur is a well-known healer and clairvoyant from Poland who works with medical doctors, had several interviews in TV and runs his own youtube channel 'Zegar zycia' The workshop will be about basics of working with energy and insights of the life of a healer and clairvoyant. You will be able to learn some energy work technics, ask questions and do some energy exercises together with us. We will host special guests, like Armaril who also has many years of experience in working with energy. During the workshop you will receive energy transmission. Due to the energetic work if you would like to participate please send an email to for energetic verification. This workshop is free of charge. The workshop can only hold 40 people so if you are interested make sure you email us as soon as you can.



VISIT WEBSITE 07534583364 (Natalia)

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