Mastering Meditation

Mastering Meditation Awakening The Inner Self Through Meditation A Six Week Online Course During this six week online course we will be looking at the different types of meditation to find what suits you. You will be sent meditations for you to follow which will allow for your development slowly but surely. We will be doing many exercises together to clear your energy centres and attune you to your own psychic senses and to the Spirit. You will be shown how to calm the mind and remove negativity from your life increasing your own wellbeing and reducing stress. Stress is one of the main causative factors of ill health these days. If one is in this ‘state’ how can we possibly be of use to ourselves let alone to others. Therefore it is our responsibly to ensure that we are taking care of our mind, body and our soul. This is where meditation can come in and save us from this merry go round of negative emotions, thoughts and actions. Meditation will still the mind. Ok I hear you say thats easier said than done when one has deadlines to meet and stressful family members etc which are all outside pressures. However, when you are in this stressed state that is when you need to meditate even more. Meditation will save you form making rash decisions and prevent you from making mistakes as well. Mental Benefits of Meditation Reduction of Stress & Anxiety Greater Sense of Inner Peace More happiness & flow in your life Improved mental & emotional wellbeing Heightened connection to spirituality/ better connection to universal energy Increased confidence and self esteem Improves mental awareness, focus and memory Better and more restful sleep Physical Benefits of Meditation Stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, or the branch of your peripheral nervous system helping your body to return to a calm relaxed state. Especially beneficial after we have been exposed to stressful situations or daily stress. When this branch is activated your body can rejuvenate and repair itself. Improves respiration Boosts immune system by slowing the production of the stress hormone cortisol. This is a six week online course starting on 16th November 2017 We only need your email address and payment for your to be enrolled on to this course. Each week you will be sent meditations, videos & worksheets. You can keep these and do the course in your own time and refer to the material again and again. To Enrol Now £85.00



VISIT WEBSITE 01992535876 (Louisa Sullivan)

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