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Chakra and Aura Course Free - Value £150

Chakra and Aura Healing Certificate Course by Luna Holistics Accredited Certified Chakra and Aura Course This course is perfect for those of you whom already work as a therapist or would like a career as a professional healer. You will learn how to work with and balance the 7 main chakras to enable you and your clients to enjoy the benefits of chakra energy healing. Some of the things this covers are:- How the chakra system works Program and use a pendulum effectively how to heal your own chakras Aura healing technique Reiki symbols How to use chakra stones Aura colour and meanings How to complete a full Aura and Chakra treatment



Luna Holistics
Luna Holistics - Luna Holistics is one of the leading Distance Learning Training providers, specialising in offering professional training courses in a wide range of holistic, alternative and spiritual therapies.

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