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Dragon Spirit guide Channelled Webinar

Dragon Spirit Guide channelled webinar. I am a conscious/trance channel and medium. I am offering this one hour live channelled webinar. Bringing forth the dragon consciousness. My own dragon spirit guide will come through my channelling to facilitate this channelled workshop. Dragons are ancient spiritual beings of magic, transmutation and transformation, power, divine intelligence and clarity and so much more. My dragon spirit guide will provide to you of spiritual wisdom about the dragon consciousness that is appropriate for you to receive and embody at this time within your spiritual journey on the earth, recieve an attunement to your own dragon spirit guide, and take part in a planetary healing with the dragon cocnsciuosness. To join the online webinar is very easy, simply click onto the link that I provide to you within an email to you. You are welcome to do a test run to log into the webinar in your own time before joing the webinar The cost of the webinar is £5.00 Please visit my website or contact myself through my email to make a payment or for more information Blessings



VISIT WEBSITE 07572684561 (Pamela Caddy)

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