Practical Magic

Magick was ever meant to be a practical thing – a means of using your will combined with the natural powers of the universe to bring real and long lasting change to yourself and the greater world. Over time this simple focus has become lost in arcane methods and complicated ritual, exotic recipes and formulas and expensive and arduous training. This workshop hopes to remedy some of that – providing simple and yet powerful and effective magickal techniques that can be used to bring about practical changes and resolution to some of life’s more challenging situations. Exploring things such as the more mundane selling and finding a home, finding a job, finding love, making money and staying healthy and well, to the more esoteric developing enhanced psychical abilities, learning protective and defensive magick, increasing your divination skills and amplifying your ability to manifest magickally. Edwin, a practitioner of magick for 30 years will share some of his tried and tested secret methods that can be simply applied to produce some truly wonderful magick that everyone might enjoy the benefits of.



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