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Women's Healing Seminar - The Beauty of your Heart and your Soul

Women's Healing Seminar - The Beauty of your Heart and your Soul
Women's Healing Seminar - The Beauty of your Heart and your Soul We get in contact with the creation within and around us. Within this harmony we create something beautiful and health giving, for us and for Earth. We sense our inwardness, encounter the power of the primordial goddesses, that nourishes and heals us. Our creative and healing activities: Writing out of your soul Exploring your inner self Drawing, moving, tasting, sensing, seeing – and in it’s midst: always you Coming closer to the beauty of your soul Discovering the beauty of the creation, being close to it Laying a healing circle for yourself and the earth Using high vibrating Light Crystals for yourself and the earth Creating a vision for a new earth Cleansing the chakras and the aura Meditations and Channellings: Your heart beat in time with the heart beat of the primordial goddesses The spiritual Light World accompany us: The big Mother, Goddess Gaia, the primordial goddess, out of her pours all that is! Mother Mary and the goddesses Unicorns pave the way towards our own creativity. Elves along the way make us listen attentively and carefully. We will also be sharing our meals together, enjoying the food with all our senses. Who we are: Tania: I am a medium, clairvoyant. For 10 years I have been giving spiritual seminars in Germany. I particularly enjoy guiding the participants during their creative process with a deep connection to their soul. For years I have been working with the spiritual writing process. Karin: The wish of my heart is to raise the energy of Mother Earth and all living beings on it. I am also a seminar leader. Together we led a spiritual training weekend in Chartham, Canterbury. This experience was so wonderful, that we decided to offer another one. Date: 2nd / 3rd September 2017 Energy balance: £144 Registration is required: or 07825 880250 Have a look at Facebook:



VISIT WEBSITE 0049 1735474216 (Karin Dokters)

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