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Mid-Week Meditation

Learn to meditate & access your own spiritual connection with experienced guidance and support! ~ manifest wishes ~ release worry ~ find your center Dr. Ronja Vieth, Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer, has been lecturing internationally on meditation & energy healing to help you find your personal secret to living the life you want and deserve. Daniel says that he keeps having "moments of genius in every meditation" to reveal the next steps on his path in life. Book online £7.50 (see link) or drop in for £9.00. First time attendees £6.00 (cash only). Everybody is welcome (age 16+). Bring your own mat, cushion, etc, if needed. # Weekly new locations - depending on the weather in the sanctuary, on the beach, in the park, etc. Look at comments on the Facebook event and/call to find out on Wednesday # I look forward to meeting you! Please contact me with questions at 07818-206027 and/or find me online at
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07818 206027 (Dr. Ronja Vieth)

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