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Metamorphic Touch Retreat in Portugal

Is it time for a change, are you ready to move forwards, let go of limitations, and get more out of life? Are there people in your life you would like to support, through illness or challenges? Are you a practitioner interested in learning a transformational technique which works with the Power of Life? Metamorphic Touch is a transformational practice for when you are ready to let Life grow you. Through simple loving touch on the feet, hands and head, we catalyse our own Life Force to activate growth, evolution, healing, and transformation, wherever it is needed in your life. After sessions, people have noticed dramatic improvements in their health and sense of self, their work, relationships, and life purpose. Wonderful for couples wanting to reconnect, for parents who want to support their children in a natural and non-invasive way, pregnant couples or couples having problems conceiving. This retreat will qualify you to practice Metamorphic Touch. Learn about: -Our natural ability to transform when we get out of our own way -Saying YES to Life -Patterns that shape our life (parental, ancestral, cultural, religious, gender & karmic) -How our time in the womb sets up a blueprint for our life ahead -How our birth establishes the way we move forwards -Family dynamics & the vulnerable member (why some children struggle) -Practicing unconditional love and detachment Learn to work on: -Yourself, to catalyse your own evolution -Freind and family -Clients -Animals & plants -Work remotely -Join the free swaps community to connect with like minded people and give & get free sessions You will: -Give & receive sessions in the outdoor shaded round house & by the stream -Learn the expansive and empowering principles of MT –Trips to Coja River Beach and Fraga De Pena –Eat beautiful vegan soul food, organic when available –Meditate in the hidden garden by the stream




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