Fairies and Nature Spirits

This is your last opportunity to join Amanda on this popular day in nature before she returns to New Zealand in the autumn. Fairies and nature spirits are all around us in our gardens, parks and open spaces. They would like us to acknowledge them so that we can become more attuned to nature, our environment and start to acknowledge and work with them. In this workshop we will start off at the College and then we will move to Kensington Gardens so that we can start to feel or tune into their vibration within our energy fields. You will have the opportunity to sense the energy of a variety of nature spirits from the fairies in the flowers, to the sylphs in the air to the undines in the water, to the elves, goblins and mythical beings such as the faun that can also be found there. Both these gardens have monuments like Peter Pan and areas where we are invited as individuals to meditate and sense their presence. Please bring a packed lunch, something to sit on and wet weather gear (just in case)!



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