Healing the Energies of Your Past

A one day experiential workshop designed to initiate healing the energies of the past and transforming old traumas; not by revisiting the pain and apportioning or accepting blame, but by changing the energy that surrounds them. The traumas we experience during our lifetime (and past lifetimes) often still have their effect no matter how many methods we use to free ourselves of their influence. There are many ways offered for healing our past, but what if you could heal the actual energy of the past? What if you could bring about a change in the way that energy has affected not only you, but the place too? Joan will show you how she believes that this amazingly simple but profound technique heals the actual energy field which was generated at the time and continues to be held in place as if in a freeze frame. This process can help old energies to be released not only from your own body, but from the Earth as well. It may also ripple on throughout your lives – past, present and future.



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