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Energy to Heal Therapies

Westbury Street, Worcester, UK

Energy Work

Hi my name is Tina😃I have been on a spiritual path journey for many years. Spiritual growth is a process of self healing and healing oneself is a process of spiritual growth. Personally I embarked on a healing journey with no spiritual idea.

Healing is something you do to yourself, not to another and it’s a path that you walk on every single day. My own health and well-being is the single most important thing to me.

For you to grow into this path there are many ways and techniques for you heal and to understand your current re-incarnation and life purpose. I am here to support, guide you and pass on my knowledge to enable you to find your own way!

It is certainly a commitment that I have made to myself in this lifetime, to be the healthiest, brightest I can possible be. I walk this walk with you, all that I say is all that I do.

Spiritual growth and healing both allow you to understand and become more of who you are truly are. To be your authentic higher self,

If you would like to begin your own journey of self discovery and healing then please get in touch.

Love and light
Tina xxx

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Energy to Heal Therapies

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