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Business Coaching : Life Coach : Online / Global Practitioner

Coaching for Life/Career

Ready to draw back the curtain and explore what you really want for your future?

Coaching is a conversation like no other and a Coach is somebody who works with clients in order to empower them to make changes in their lives by helping them make, meet and exceed meaningful goals in their personal or professional lives.

Coaching sessions need to be fluid and coaches are adaptable in order to meet the needs of individual clients. Often, though not always, sessions will be designed around the following pattern:

Review of previous session
Discussion of topic/goals for the session
Explore current situation
Consider options, different points of view, consequences
Decide on a course of action
Clarify expectations and accountability.

A coach can help their client get from where they are, to where they want to be, by asking questions which will prompt exploration of their current situation and their options. They will then provide support to clients as they move towards their goals.

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Caroline is a fully qualified coach, is culturally sensitive and has many years experience working with clients around the world. She is a Professional Certified Coach with International Coach Federation and CoachME Certified Coach.

Sessions are available online so, no matter where you live, if you would you like to work with an energetic, sensitive and supportive coach contact Caroline at [email protected] to start your transformation.

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