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Sally Pullinger

Sandpits Road, Glastonbury BA6 8EH, UK, BA6 8EH

Intuitive : Online / Global Practitioner : Readers : Spiritual Therapists

Hi I'm Sally Pullinger and I am a professional full trance medium and have been working with my Spirit Guide Chung Fu for over forty years. I live and work with my family in Glastonbury (UK).

I became a medium when I was 28 years old after the tragic death of my husband which led me on a deep personal healing journey. I was guided by wonderful healers and was trained by trance medium Ivy Northage and her guide Chan who were well known both in the Spiritualist Association and College of Psychic Studies in London.

More on Sally -
In the early years Chung Fu communicated mainly to family and friends and then in 2000, Sally and her family opened their home to host groups and individuals wishing to work with spirit.

Since then Sally and her children, Sophie and Jerome, have facilitated many people through a deep process of spiritual self-development. Sally runs self-development groups in partnership with her Spirit Guide Chung Fu, also working deeply with individuals one-to-one, helping both men and women to integrate and heal past wounding and liberate themselves into their true deep soul connection. They also offer online courses and programs.

Sally and her family believe strongly in the power of community and extended family to support and heal the afflictions of the heart suffered by many during these times. Through the intense initiations she and her family have undergone, they have made a conscious choice to work together to share these rich and real teachings, practicing within their own family and community the principles Chung Fu teaches, of personal truth and honesty, of love that holds space for the healing of each other’s shadow aspects. Sally believes it is possible to create a new way to live upon the earth together in harmony peace and love but has no illusions about what it will take to achieve this aim.

Sally is also a self-initiated Priestess of Avalon and in recent years has been blessed with the ecstatic experience of Goddess Isis coming into her body when she is in trance, as well as other aspects of Divine Mother and is always delighted to share this.

Sally is a passionate and talented musician, running the wonderful Avalonian Free State Choir, a Goddess rock band called Divine Roots and has an extensive collection of original compositions and chants to her name.

More on Chung Fu -
Chung Fu, which means Inner Truth and Good Faith, is an ascended Master. He teaches with the wisdom and experience of his many lifetimes, and with great humour and beauty of expression. He is effortlessly in touch with the radiant glory of the Divine One-ness.

Chung Fu brings through a profound inner process of soul evolution in which people are encouraged to dig deep into their emotional being and find the places that need to be transformed for their higher self to shine through. The work can perhaps be summed up as deep soul healing work in which Chung Fu supports people to reconnect to their soul and higher self presence within their daily lives and bring this Resource into their emotional and mental processes for greater well being. 

Always deeply understanding of our humanity, he can see inside our souls and brings his understanding of us in our entirety as individuals, in this and our other lives, showing us simple ways to find our sense of belonging and our Soul’s purpose within the Divine Plan at this important time of change on Earth. Chung Fu brings us his direct connection and knowledge of our many Spirit friends and guides, of the Archangelic and Angelic realms, the Nature and Elemental realms who all accompany us in our Lightbody throughout our physical lives.

In his teachings he doesn’t promise it will be easy, but his overarching aim is that we shall become able to connect with the Divine through our own Higher Self, in order to live fulfilled lives together here on Earth, in harmony, love, creativity, abundance and peace.

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