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Carla Rose Kelly

London, London, ON, Canada, N6A 1A6

Counselling : Healing : Online / Global Practitioner : Sound Therapists

I am an international Master Healer in Reiki and Sound Therapy from Canada with over 15 years of experience. You can have an in person or on-line session through skype or facebook video. Complimentary Spiritual counseling is available with all sessions. All of my sessions are in English. For release of physical or emotional trauma and to heal your karma, book your session today at [email protected]

Reiki training, and Sound Therapy Certification courses available. My program is based on the latest research in Music & Medicine, Neuroscience, Psychology, Health and Music & Math. It has a deep spiritual component as it gives you the tools to understand and use the power of your voice and music for healing and ascension.

For the past 10 years I have been a member of the international Medicine & Music communities, ISQRMM, and IAMM with 2 published research papers in the same. I have had the opportunity to speak globally and conduct sound workshops at Music & Medicine Conferences, Holistic Conferences, and Music Therapy Conferences in Japan, UK, Norway, across the US and Canada.

I am the patented inventor of the new healing musical instruments with the solfeggio frequencies: 174 hz - 936 hz. for sale or training/certification.

My composition, PEACE, a song for healing the mind, bringing clarity and peace into the mind won a Global Music Award for Healing/Meditation Music 2019. Please enjoy it at anytime you want more clarity and peace in your mind.

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VISIT WEBSITE 1-519-701-3821
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VISIT WEBSITE 1-519-701-3821
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