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Andrea Webb's Healing Centre

Wilton, Salisbury, UK, SP2 0BA

Healing : Holistic Therapists

I help spiritually curious women take control of their lives by suing energy asds medicine, through Crystals, Bach Flower Remedies, Colour, Tarot and Crystal Courses so that they can step into their power and live a fulfilling and happy life.

I am a Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist, an experienced crystal and flower remedy healer and colour therapy consultant. I bring my clients into harmony by discovering imbalances in the energy field. Crystals have particular properties which shape and focus the energy during the healing. As the client experiences wellbeing within themselves, improvements are naturally achieved in health, family situations, relationships and work environments.

With the use of crystals, colour and flower remedies, I will help you to understand your emotional world and thought processes, you will find balance, you will regain energy, you will be more relaxed, you will look at issues differently.

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  • 20th May 2019
VISIT WEBSITE 07780 708437

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