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Cinthia Parkes

Field Park, Warfield, Bracknell RG12 2DZ, UK, RG12 2ED

Healing : Holistic Therapists : Intuitive : Massage : Mindfulness : Online / Global Practitioner : Physical Therapists : Spiritual Therapists

Hello, Cinthia here. I’m a Holistic Practitioner working from a wooden treatment room in the garden, an oasis of peace amid the birdsong.

I offer Relaxation courses, providing time and space to bring you back to you. We use meditation and mindfulness, self help tools and breathing techniques, visualisation and gentle movement. You take home self help tools for life.

I offer Divine Healing Master Key, a deeply spiritual energy tool for healing and releasing stuff we carry subconsciously.

I offer NFSH Spiritual Healing, a deeply relaxing treatment to allow your whole self to return to calm and thus provide space to start healing itself.

I offer No Hands Massage, the gentle giant of massage, deep and powerful yet gentle and soothing, developed by Gerry Pyves.

I’ve worked in the field of complementary healing for more than 25 years, have taught adults and children and am still learning and working on myself on a daily basis. I love this work, helping people remember who they truly are.

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