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Gemma Mycena

Melton Mowbray, UK, LE13 1NH

Intuitive : Mindfulness : Readers : Spiritual Therapists

Tarot Reading
Elemental Spirit Guidance
Faery Guidance
Moon Phase Manifestation Workshops
Tarot for Beginners
Grounding And Cleansing
Soul Retrieval Healing
Crystal Healing
Herbal Potions
Handmade Crafts Set with Magick Intention

Modern Day Craft and Manifestation is not as easy as it looks on pinterest and instagram!
I am exploring raising vibrations, spiritual awakening and our inner WitchCrafts to allign with the elements around us through mindful daily magick in our day to day!

We all feel out of balance and harmony right now on our spiritual life paths, our emotions bouncing from one shift to the other when we just want to find that time to attract and manifest what we need in our lives, feel happy, healthy and clear of negativity.

As someone who struggles with my emotions and finding that happy medium between life responsibilities and practicing my (witch)craft, I am exploring and sharing with you all the ways you can incorporate magick and energy balance into your day to day lives to bring a higher sense of self and direction on your journey!

Realign with your inner self, reopen your heart to the magick in day to day life and embrace the energy cycles that surround us day to day through nature, whilst truly following a path that makes your energy radiate and attracts abundance of opportunity!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or inspirational stories. We only also ask that everyone keeps the energies positive and compassionate towards one another <3

Get in touch to books any services; Tarot Readings, Faery Guidance, Spell Crafts, Workshops and more!

Fae Blessings, from Gemma-Mycena

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