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Openhand - empowering the shift

Glastonbury, UK

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How finding the Deeper Meaning can lead to a more fulfilled life

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: "there are two ways you can live your if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle". The matrix we live in can be challenging. Everywhere around you there's oodles of reasons why to be invested in the drama - it seems everybody else is doing it! And the world of physicality is so alluring, with its tantalisations and temptations, society has really perfected the art of pulling you into some illusionary 'entertainment'. But what if you resist that? What if instead, you look deeply into every moment and challenge the alluring seduction that would contract you down. What happens if you always look for the deeper meaning?

The Alluring Challenge of Physicality

The home I know is in the higher dimensions. Everything is interconnected. There is total transparency between beings. The deeper purpose is observed, understood, known. There is flow in harmony with other life. Nothing is missing. The driving impulse of the moment is to learn more, to expand more, to express more. Every moment speaks with the syllables of the divine - you follow the path life sings to you, guiding you like a choir of angels. It's not at all like that here! Although I've also found it can be. You just have to work a little harder at it. It seems life has drawn me down into the density to discover this very facet and to work with others to do the same.

There's lots to enjoy about being in physical incarnation of course. There's perhaps no other place in the universe where the density increases the sense of separation like on earth. By having this density of relativity, means the illusion of life feels really real. Like eating food for example or the joy of love between two apparently separate people. It's the coming together from the separation into divine union that creates such magic. But it's so easy to get lost in this illusion too: that chocolate tastes just too good, the allurement of partnership becomes oh so needy. I'm not saying not to enjoy these things, what I'm saying is to practice always looking for the deeper meaning.

The deeper meaning is an intangeable essence of life. It is the flow that's always coaxing you to a deeper understanding, a deeper sense of being. It's always about finding a more complete expression, in the simplest of things.

Penetrating the Experience

For me it's about transcending the moment. So take a typical holiday period (like Christmas for example). Society creates the humungous sense of expectation and the idea that to consume is good. The result is either guilt because you've had too much or else sense of lack because the material never quite fulfills. So instead, I always work to 'penetrate' the experience. What do I mean by this?

1) penetrate the experience with deep presence Well imagine you're eating a tasty chocolate cake (raw and sugar free of course!), then if you really take your time and taste every single morsel with the abundance of presence (what some call 'mindfulness'), then firstly not only do you enjoy it more, but you need much less to enjoy it. So you're becoming as one with the experience - as "The One" in the experience.

2) soften deeply into the situation If you find yourself contracting down in some way, then deeply confront the feeling. So let's say you had an expectation or need of the moment to be a particular way and it's not turning out like you might have expected. Well rather than changing the circumstances, soften deeply into the situation that the moment is now presenting. Feel any internal contraction and work to expand out of it. It happens by accepting it totally - feeling the 'heat of the coals' before you drop them.

3) look for the deeper meaning Finally, it's about then recognising that the moment always has a deeper meaning, a deeper flow. If you've softened the tightness of neediness or expectation, then your soul should now be breaking through. The soul will 'want' to be aligning with the flow of other life around you. Look for the synchronicity, the harmonies that invite you to "go this way now". Then surrender to the pull, to the deeper expression and give yourself entirely to it. It could mean something as simple as driving a different way home today and watching the variance in the signs along the path. What are they saying? If they were inviting a deeper sense of you to emerge, what would that sense be? How could you embody that sense now?

You've Arrived!

In looking for and finding the deeper meaning in this way, ensures we're never disappointed because we're aligning with the very purpose of life itself: which is to always unveil and express a deeper experience of you. It feels just like coming home - continually coming home to the real you - that which dances in the space between the spaces. It's that sense that inspired this video which we'd like to share with you. Enjoy...

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About Openhand:

Openhand is a bridge into higher dimensions of consciousness. It is a way of tapping into the benevolent guiding hand of the Universe, to help you align with your soul through life. It empowers people to be totally authentic in who they are, and in so doing, facilitating a profound shift of consciousness into a new vibrational paradigm, in the Fifth Density.

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    Openhand - empowering the shift

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