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The Four Foundations Meditations Series: Meditations to enter Zen

We're very excited to announce a new online class for the New Year:

The Four Foundations Buddhist Meditations Series: Meditations to enter Zen

This series of meditations will begin on Monday 11th January 2021 and run until Tuesday 4th February 2022.

This is a journey through the four foundation practices of the school:

Treasure Vase
Calming & Relaxing
Diamond Wisdom
Dhyana Yoga

Each meditation will be performed daily for 100 days before moving onto the next practice. These are ancient practices designed to get you into the first and second stages of 'Dhyana' or 'Zen' - the higher or deeper states.

To raise your awareness and become enlightened you must have a solid foundation!
Join us for this online guided group practice. Develop your discipline, know yourself, change yourself, conquer yourself and make like-minded friends in the process.

This is a commitment to yourself to practice daily for 13 months, within a structured and supportive group.

Daily Practice:
06:15 GMT (Monday-Saturday)
11:00 GMT (Sunday)

Warning: If performed diligently, you will transform yourself with these practices!

Cost: £399.96. (Payable in 4 instalments of £99.99)

Want to spread the cost? Pay £35.00 monthly x 13 months

Best Option: Save £35.00. Pay £365.00 upfront and get one month free!

These meditations are suitable for beginners and are also perfect for those looking to deepen their practice and raise their awareness.
For more information or to book contact the Centre: [email protected]

'Let's Rise Together.'
With love,
Joanne Slater
Amita Buddha Centre

879A London Road | Westcliff on Sea | Essex SS0 9SZ
[email protected]

Mon, 14 December 20 : 16:12 : Jo Slater

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