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What Do We Mean When We Talk About the New Age?

In esoteric circles there are a lot of people talking about the New Age we are entering into, but have you really thought about what this means? I found myself using the term recently and having to define what I meant to someone who was new to all of this “weird” stuff.

It made me think about how we use new age jargon without realising that some people don’t really understand what we are saying so I thought it would be a good exercise for me to write an article which you can share with some people who are perhaps interested but unclear as to what we mean.

The sceptics amongst us may have their own ideas of what is ‘New Age’. This may include flying saucers, green men, angels appearing or revisiting the 60s hippy movement etc. This problem with defining the ‘New Age’ is that there is no doctrine which has been set out for us to learn, subscribe to or join and no leader to guide us and it most definitely isn’t a religion. It could be described as a mass awakening of the world population to desire a different, less materialistic, and more caring and peaceful way of life. Friends of mine who are sceptics would pre Covid have rolled their eyes at this description and would just dismiss me as someone out of step with the real world.

However, the gift – if I can call it that of the Covid 19 crisis we are currently experiencing is forcing many people to revaluate their lives whether this be personal, professional etc. This may be due to financial, health or relationship issues which have been highlighted during this time of forced introspection and isolation from others but also too from aspects of our lives such as work which have kept us on a treadmill which we have previously been unable to step away from apart from brief holidays or moments in our lives where we are momentarily released from the day to day grind.

Pauline Gerosa who provides the astrology insights for Esoteric Updates believes we are currently between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius and after 20 December 2020 both Jupiter and Saturn will have moved into Aquarius by January 2021 we could be in the final stage of transition from Pisces to Aquarius. However, some Astrologers think that it could be possible that it will be later than this - around 2023-2024 - as this is when Pluto moves into Aquarius and when the transition will be truly complete.

I found this list of words describing traits of both ages on Pinterest. There’s lots of other information on the web which you may wish to check out yourself but the correlation to what has played out all over the world from the start of 2020 seems to be very much in fitting with the Age of Aquarius. Did you mean to include a list here?

Here are a couple of observations from Pauline herself:

During the Age of Pisces we have been putting figureheads (emperors, kings, religious leaders, gurus, messiahs etc) on pedestals, worshipping them and surrendering our individual power and will to them. There has also been a strong tendency towards martyrdom and sacrifice, addiction, self-delusion, unrequited love and yearning for something that seems superhuman.

The Age of Aquarius is more about the tribal model, with all members being equal but having their specific roles to carry out in accordance with their individual abilities. There should be no hierarchies of power or status, but everyone is expected to contribute in whatever way they can to the wellbeing of the tribe, team or group. Aquarius emphasises the importance of collective energy and of shared ideals.

The dark side of Aquarius would be around technologies (artificial intelligence, robotics, etc) which replace most forms of organic life. Covid 19 has already shown us what can go wrong when politicians base their actions on advice from “scientific” computer modelling and algorithms rather than common sense solutions.

So what is the New Age? Well I am going to try to define it for those of us who consider ourselves to be New Age believers. I hope it helps fellow New Agers when they try to explain it to others, and I am sure that what I have written is not the full definition but at least it’s a start.

We believe that there are energies we can tap into which can bring about balance within us just as the physical body has homeostasis inbuilt to keep its physical structure functioning to its best abilities, so does the subtle energy systems which metaphysics is starting to acknowledge exist.

We believe in cultivating self-worth and self-responsibility with intention for positive change which is achievable without detriment to other human beings
We believe in realities in other dimensions – Angels, Guides.

The Age of Aquarius heralds a new approach to linking with off-planet family, guides and kindred spirits. Ideally, there will be far less Age of Pisces sentimentality, awe and adoration. The emphasis will be on social and scientific multi-dimensional networks of intelligent beings working together to advance evolution and extend the influence of conscious awareness throughout the Cosmos.

We believe that death is where the physical presence passes back into its soul state and can reincarnate

We accept, in common with many indigenous civilisations, that we are as connected to the planet as we are to spirit and that everything is inter-related.

We believe that to love one another we do not all have to have the same belief system.

As we move further into the Aquarian energies we should be able to co-create a world of acceptance between all of earth’s inhabitants as well as the planet itself and the unseen spiritual co-workers who are with us every step of the way. That is definitely something I want to be around to see.

Copyright Shirley O’Donoghue
Pauline Gerosa
May 2020

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